Here we are in Beijing

So here we are in the first of our destinations – Beijing, city of over 30 million inhabitants and 6 ring roads, as our transfer guide informed us.

After a long flight and not much sleep, we were happy to see our hotel – except they had no record of our booking 🙁 Little English on their part and no Chinese on ours didn’t help. Finally we managed to find a local contact number of someone who managed to sort things out. However, not an auspicious start.

To top it all we ended up with two rooms quite apart from one another, though on the same floor. I’m lying on the bed typing this, and I think the pillows may be damp. That’s not going to stop me getting some rest in anticipation of starting the tour proper this evening.


Welcome to our blog. Over the coming months we will be keeping you up to date with our trip to the Far East during July and August. We will be taking in China, Australia, and Japan. Needless to say, we can’t wait!