It’s all becoming very real

What started out as a plan crafted on a wet Sunday afternoon has now become a full blown adventure that is mindblowingly exciting. We can’t quite believe that this is about us – trying to picture us with the backdrop of Ayers Rock, Toyko and Bejing is too much!!! We have 7 weeks left before we head out- still planning and organising to do, but, frankly- it’s been extraordinarily easy…….for such a life altering event (hopefully). The countdown begins in earnest next Friday at the 6 week stage………..:-)

3 thoughts on “It’s all becoming very real

  1. Hi Ciaran, Rachel, Adam and Cora. It is now almost 12.30 on Thursday night and I am off to bed. Before I go, however, I just wanted to wish you all a safe journey and a wonderful holiday. What an amazing experience for you all? Enjoy every moment and we will be watching anxiously and interestedly your progress through the Far East.

    Come back safely to us.

  2. We are sitting on the 2nd floor in Whitewell house looking out at the lashing rain and are feeling very jealous. Best of luck with the trip and enjoy !

    Keep us posted.

  3. Hi Guys

    I just got in to work on this lovely Grey Monday morning and just to pick myself up abit i decided to see if you have had a terrible time so far!
    I guess I will have to find something else to cheer myself up with.
    Hope your having a Great time


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